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Welcome to SRP Facade Engineers

A leading specialist in manufacturing and installation of architectural glass, aluminum and cladding in GCC

Established in 2012, SRP Facade Engineers operates one of the latest and most advanced glass & façade Specialist Company in the Hyderabad. Strategically located at the Industrial City of Kondapur, SRP Facade Engineers covers a total area of 50,000 sq, including a large stockyard. SRP Facade Engineers is the member of KHALIFA fund with strong

financial support SRP Facade Engineers actively involving processing glass, aluminum and Cladding, and provides integrated glass solutions to its extensive network of clients. SRP Facade Engineers import raw materials from various sources complying with most stringent international standards. This has been one of the Why SRP Facade Engineers has achieved unparalleled levels of professional excellence, reliability and quality in serving customers.

SRP Facade Engineers mainly concentrates in the local and GCC sector. Backed by an outfit and highly qualified professional staff and engineers, SRP Facade Engineers ensures fabrication of every order is accurate and complying to international accepted quality control standards. With a well structured Environment, Health and Safety procedure in place, SRP Facade Engineers has carved a niche, as a trusted quality conscious organization, adopting the latest technologies and working techniques in all its activities including field work, administration and project management.


To deliver to our customer, the highest added value in the manufacturing process, enabling them to reinforce their own competitive strength.


Aiming to build lasting alliances with our customers….
Offering our customer’s cost-effective production solutions with groundbreaking technology, Quality, reliability, professional product support and services….
Advising our customers before the sale on the economic efficiency and possible applications of the products they are considering purchasing.