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With creditable business attitude, we not only offer market tendency, products features, sales policy, benefit analysis, etc. messages to clients but also offer comprehensive services and coordinated solutions that can help you get the most out of your operations budget by controlling maintenance costs and protecting your curtain wall system.

Our local factory trained technicians and representatives can provide quick response and pro-active solutions for clients’ requirements.

Scope of Services  

Our company has already set up branch offi ces in the Middle East, which can facilitate us to take care of the conditions of the buildings and provide best services and reliable warranty to your assets at each stage of projects. We insist on the integrated-projects management and sincerely provide the following all-process services of high-effi ciency, high quality, and Omni bearing:

Phase of Pre-project

Project Plan
Professional consultation
Offering technical reference & case analysis to clients
Quick sampling services to the intended


Phase of Project construction

Control of project security, quality, rate of progress
Information & data management and Documentation
Organizing and harmonizing the fi eld construction
Arranging physical distribution & track delivery status to ensure prompt delivery
Offer trainings of products knowledge and technical information, etc.


Phase of Acceptance of completed projects

Organizing the projects checkout
Organizing the acceptance on completed projects
Putting Completed projects on records
After-Project Evaluation


After-sales services

Local after-sales services & reception within the defects liability period
Emergency Repairs with quick response around 24 hours,7 days a week
Rectifying & Improving Option within 48 hours
Providing spare parts, such as glass, silica gel, bolts
Results-oriented maintenance strategy designed for specifi c business requirements
Training for maintenance staff to reduce your maintenance costs by learning how to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting tasks
Offering product liability insurance and quality guarantee to clients